Why choose Model DRSI by Sensi?

Items Accepted

Two item types: Model DRSI accepts BOTH Plastic PET Bottles and Aluminium Cans between 150ml and 3L.

Advanced Anti-Fraud Measures

Barcode recognition, advanced shape recognition, weight detection, compacting, logo recognition, metal detection.

Cloud Management and Monitoring System

Remotely manage all system configuration and updates, and receive timely system alerts (e.g. Fill-Level).

Printed or Digital Receipts

Choose to redeem your deposit receipt either physically or digitally (less waste).

Targeted Marketing and Advertising opportunities

Advertise on our 11-inch, LCD colour displays and wrap the RVM in customised branding/logos. Ask for details.

Affordable & Space Saving

We offer the smallest footprint (0.42 m2), largest capacity (>70%) machine on the market.
Easy to install.

DRSI Datasheet

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