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Sensi today launched its disruptive new Smart RVM series of reverse vending machines targeting global markets for Deposit Return Schemes.

The new Smart RVMs come initially in three model types:

UNO for use with single item types.

DUO for use with two items types.

CUPO for deposit return of reusable coffee cups.

Commenting on the new products, Sensi’s Sales Director Nathan Misischi said “These products will really shake up the market for Reverse Vending Machines. Our Smart RVMs use proprietary visual AI technology and perform a superfast visual recognition on the object being presented for disposal. Once the item is verified, and disposal completed, digital vouchers are produced enabling a full contactless experience for the user. Our initial trials showed that customers love the smooth experience”

The new products are initially being rolled out in Ireland and the UK, as well as in the US where there are several interested client chains.

Sensi is a privately held technology company committed to promoting circularity and solving challenging recycling and reuse problems. With impressive technical domain knowledge and IP, Sensi is committed to ongoing technology product development.