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Today, CEO Seamus Devitt of Sensi/Sensibin announced that Sensibin is rebranding as Sensi.

Acccording to Seamus Devitt, “The rebrand was planned for some time, reflecting the fact that Sensi’s offering is now substantially broader than it was in the past. Our core technology strengths of visual AI recogntion and IOT technologies are finding applications in solving many sustainability challenges associated with recycling and reuse.”

Seamus Devitt continued “Under our new Sensi brand, we expect to release an exciting series of new products that combine our core visual AI technologies with digital rewards. 2021 is looking like it will be an exciting year for Sensi and our clients”

Sensi is a privately held technology company committed to promoting circularity and solving challenging recycling and reuse problems. With impressive technical domain knowledge and IP, Sensi is committed to ongoing technology product development.