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Sensibin today released details of their latest product offering.  This time Sensibin has developed a product that will be your recycling companion – as we all move towards a zerowaste environment.  As with all Sensibin products, the product has been conceived in adherence to the Sensibin mission, which is to “Make Recycling Easy”. It sure does that.

Meet Zero – your recycling companion.  Check out this video on Zero.

Zero focuses on the source of the problem, by helping users make the correct decision at the very point of disposal. Zero educates and nudges users towards better recycling habits. 

Zero engages with users and helps them to do the right thing, by answering basic recycling questions in a friendly and informative way. It is always learning and is configurable for any location globally, and for any regulations. It also protects users’ privacy as it does not collect any personal identification information.

Zero leverages artificial intelligence in an innovative way to help individuals and companies improve their environmental footprint.

Zero.  Recycling made easy.

Who can benefit from Zero?

Managers of corporate recycling programs and CSR teams

Property managers for Shopping Malls, Airports, Train Stations, Schools, Colleges, Museums, etc

Anyone who has invested in Recycling stations and wants to see them used more and used in a better way

We can all benefit from the Zero Nudge game. Zero knows how to get the best out of people.

What are the benefits of Zero?

Better recycling habits leads to better recycling rates

Better recycling rates leads to lower collection costs

Better (lower) contamination rates in the recycling stream

Users love Zero.  Zero fits in with people’s lifestyles. 

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