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Sensibin is delighted to announce that they have expanded the Board of Directors with Dr. Dexmont Pena and Seamus Devitt joining the Board.

Director and co-Founder of Sensibin, Nathan Misischi commented: “This is a significant move to further strengthen Sensibin as we gear up for rapid growth later this year.  Our new directors bring a blend of experience, technology expertise and creative innovative talent to the board.  This will positively impact our future strategy and give us the resources to accelerate company growth.”

Seamus Devitt said of his appointment “I am delighted to have joined the Board of Directors and look forward to further assisting the business on a strategic level as well as pushing the company forward on technology. This is an exciting time for the company in terms of technical development and growth”

Dexmont Pena added “Our recruitment and staff development over the next few years will be key to our success and meeting our objectives. It is great to see such a strong team being assembled at Sensibin.”

Sensibin is a privately held technology company committed to solving some of the world’s most challenging problems around recycling.  With a huge amount of technical domain knowledge and IP, Sensibin is committed to developing products that make recycling easy.